top 10 smells?


1. Fresh baked cookies

2. Pine trees

3. Gingerbread

4. That musty smell of Pirates of the Caribbean

5. Gardenias

6. New car

7. Gasoline

8. Coffee

9. Dry erase markers

10. A girl’s hair that was like JUST washed

"4. That musty smell of Pirates of the Caribbean"

YES.  Smells like an old sponge.  I love it.

Any interest in checking out the Destiny Raid? based off some livestreams of it, there seems to be some actual tactics involved rather than just "scan this" and "shoot that guy"


I’d love to see more variety out of Destiny, but grinding the same bits over and over again in hopes of maybe getting gear that gets me above level 20 isn’t sounding very appealing right now.

This is pretty much the end-game to an MMO, but kind of crappier.


dear zoe quinn,

this isn’t industry-related, or if it is, it’s marketing advice from some fucker who got laid off because she’s too sick to function. I don’t care about gaming, game dev, or games journalism, and my only political opinion on what has happened to you recently…


Oh man. Can’t a guy even blog about his ex without making the internet explode anymore? As TotalBiscuit so wonderfully put it “What the Hell Just Happened?” What’s this about?

What's your opinion on this whole Zoe Quinn drama? (and man this shit has blown up insanely over the past few days..)


A girl more famous for controversy than her career cheats on her boyfriend and instead of the boyfriend dumping her and realizing he’s better off he childishly tries to embarrass her and ruin her career. What you have are two immature people being stupid. This isn’t new, but the way the internet deals with it is. 10 years ago pretty much no one would have cared about any of this and the extremes would have been “That stupid pussy needs to move on and forget about her” or “That cheating bitch just got burnt” then everyone would immediately forget about it because it is so ridiculously unimportant. Now though, because the extremists on every side of every issue like to push and pull so much, it turns into these crazy stupid controversies that solve NOTHING and only make people more upset. There is no rationality to extremism and one sides extremism spawns the opposite sides extremism. Everyone that is arguing this on each side should realize that the way they are handling this isn’t solving anything but only creating more problems. Honestly though, I think the people yelling the loudest don’t want change because they have defined their life with conflict. If the conflict were to magically go away all the sudden these people would panic because they would become more irrelevant than they already are. Truth is though, these weekly controversies are way more entertaining than most of what’s on TV.


Best shot ever… My ears are still ringing…
It was around 130-150 feet away.


Best shot ever… My ears are still ringing…

It was around 130-150 feet away.




Io fails the corgi IQ test

In appreciation of (and a big welcome to) all the new followers of Io the Corgi, today I’ll be reblogging a few Io classics.

Io makes an enormous effort. WE LOVE YOU IO!

How do you feel about youtube buying Twitch TV?


Great! I’m mega excited to have anything I stream get copyright claimed and sit in limbo while I refute the account strike in the interim on waiting for a previous counterclaim to finish and be told I have no permission to stream even if Shigeru Miyamoto sent me a personal email telling me I could stream Mario Kart

I'm an English teacher working in Japan and when I asked some of students what they thought about GZ, they said they hated the stuff that happened with Paz. When I asked why they hated it, the response given was something I did not expect. They felt they were victims of "寝取られ" (Kinda means cuckold) and that the "used goods" deserved what she got. I'm still kinda amazed at the dichotomy of reactions between the two cultures. Also your daily Spelunky and BoI streams have been a great joy.



Yo… what